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Guidelines for Using the OLC Archives & Special Collections

When you visit the Archives at the Oglala Lakota College you will be required to follow the guidelines necessary to keep our collections safe and preserve our materials for future research. 

  1. Only pencils may be used in the research room. Pens are not allowed. You may also use your laptop or device to take notes.
  2. Please ask archives staff before using computers, digital cameras, audio recording devices, and other equipment to duplicate archival materials. Generally, materials may be photographed for personal reference, but some materials have copyright restrictions that limit other use, including posting to social media. There are some materials that have restricted status.
  3. We encourage researchers to use their phone or borrow the archives iPad to take pictures of materials they would like to copy. Limited scanning service is available, but restrictions may be imposed for bound volumes, oversize sheets, or fragile items. Some materials may also be subject to copyright restrictions that prohibit reproduction. For the safety of archival materials, personal scanners are not allowed.
  4. All containers and personal effects including coats, brief cases, carrying cases, backpacks, and purses must be left with the archives staff.
  5. Food and beverages, including water, are not allowed in the research room.
  6. A researcher should have only one container of archival material at his/her work station at a time and should complete work with that container and return it to the archives staff before requesting another container. Please use one folder at a time.
  7. All materials must be handled carefully. They should not be leaned upon, marked, bent, or torn.
  8. Please preserve the existing arrangement of materials by turning sheets in order and keeping them neatly in their folders. Please report to the staff any errors in cataloging, dating, or filing. Do not attempt to correct errors yourself.
  9. The archives stacks are closed to researchers. Staff will retrieve requested files and replace used materials.
  10. All materials must be used in the research room only; loans are not available.
  11. The use of certain items may be restricted by statute or by donors. For the protection of its collections, the archives also reserves the right to restrict use of unprocessed records and fragile materials.
  12. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in his/her/their use of archival materials.
  13. Researchers must check in with archives staff before exiting. We reserve the right to inspect all notes, photocopies, books, etc. before a researcher leaves the Reading Room. The unauthorized removal of any document, map, book, or other archival material is a misdemeanor under South Dakota law. 


Oglala Lakota College Woksape Tipi Library Physical Address: 3 Mile Creek Rd Kyle, SD 57752 Mailing Address: PO Box 310 Kyle, SD 57752 Phone: 1-(605)-455-6069