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Library: Library Policies

Vision & Mission



Woksape Tipi is the foundation of resources and connection that empowers the rebuilding of the Lakota Nation through Education.



Woksape Tipi promotes, supports, and serves the students, staff, and faculty of Oglala Lakota College and community members of Pine Ridge Reservation. Woksape Tipi cultivates and encourages the use of the Lakota language, critical thinking skills, and lifelong learning among all Lakota people.

Library Policies

We're in the process of revising our policies and procedures. In the meantime, please see the current policies and procedures here.

Oglala Lakota College Woksape Tipi Library Physical Address: 3 Mile Creek Rd Kyle, SD 57752 Mailing Address: PO Box 310 Kyle, SD 57752 Phone: 1-(605)-455-6069