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Woksape Tipi Library

Genealogy & Tiospaye History Resource Guide

Click the PDF with embedded links to use as a visual guide for working with OLC's Heritage Quest accessible from home with your library card! 

Pine Ridge Agency Record Books

Pine Ridge Office of Indian Affairs Tract Books 1906-1918;

Pine Ridge Agency Allotment Book, 1941;

Pine Ridge Agency Annuity Book, 1879;

Register of Indian Supplies Received at Pine Ridge Agency, 1894;

Pine Ridge Agency Revision of Names Census, 1906;

War Department OCE Construction Division Aerial Gunnery Range Tract Register, 1945;

Pine Ridge Census for All Residents and Non-Residents by Family Number, 1956;

Church Records

Early History of the Pine Ridge 1874-1892, Episcopal Church;

Cemetery Indexes: Holy Cross, Inestimable Gift, St. Stephens, Washabaugh Episcopal;

Holy Rosary/Red Cloud Collection

Indexes and Family Publications

McGaa Family History Documents, Linda McGaa-Cosper, 2014;

Dimming Trails, Fading Memories: Recollections of Art and Mary Roff, 1985;

Dimming Trails, Fading Memories: Recollections of Mortimer and Julia Clifford, 1983;

Livermont Family History and Genealogy, Dale Young, Wyman Babby, Richard van Pelt, 2005;

Families of Pine Ridge, genealogy index, Ladeane Miller, 2010;

U.S. Department of the Interior Biographical and Historical Index of American Indians and Persons Involved in Indian Affairs: eight volumes, 1966;

Stella Iron Cloud Genealogy Resource Collection

  • Adams/Brown/Pourier/Richard Tiospayes;
  • Bad Wound Tiospaye;
  • Ben Reifel Tiospaye;
  • Bissonette Tiospaye;
  • Black Twin Tiospaye;
  • Coats/Cummings Tiospayes;
  • Crazy Horse Tiospaye;
  • Pay Pay Tiospaye
  • Ross Tiospaye;
  • Short Bull/Flying Horse/Brave/Good Soldier Tiospayes;
  • Wilson Tiospaye;
  • Paul Brill Omaha Genealogies;
  • Santee Agency Revision of Names, 1904;
  • Dakota Tiospayes
  • Cemeteries: Bennett County, Bingham Hill


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