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**Information Literacy**


Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education

Wounspe Ihuniyan Hci Lakota Oyate Kin Akta Ic’icakagapi Kte lo


      Name of Course:  Research Process & Skills Seminar                           Course Number:  N/A

     Department:  Instructional Division-Woksape Tipi                                  Credit Hours:  N/A

     Location:  All Centers                                                                            Time & Day:  As Scheduled

     Instructor’s Name:  455-6067    Sharon Janis, Assistant Director –

                                      455-6069     Eric Peltier, Outreach -

                                      455-6064     Michelle May, Director -                                                                                            

Course Description (Wounspe Oyakapi):

This course will demonstrate methods to navigate the world of information. The instruction outlines essential skills that increase ability to access information in an effective and efficient manner; evaluate and use the information accurately while becoming aware of ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of information.  The Big 6 Research process is a Teaching Tool that is integrated with ACRL Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education.

Prerequisites: None

Required Text and Materials: Woksape Tipi Library Handbook; Computer Access                                 

Course Goal:

Promote and provide resource building skills to locate and evaluate information effectively and efficiently while encouraging persistence, retention and completion in academic and personal goals.

Student Learning Objectives (Wounspe Taku Unspepi Kte Kin He Le E):  The Big6 Research Process will introduce and build on the following skills

Determine the extent of information needed

·       Access the needed information effectively and efficiently

·       Evaluate information and its sources critically

·       Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base

·       Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose

·       Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use  information ethically and legally

·Big 6 Research Skills

         1. Task Definition- Define topic or questions to answer.
         2.  Develop Information Seeking Strategies –Where do I go?
         3.  Locate and Access-Print and Online

         4.  Use of Information- What is useful, relevant to my task?
         5.  Synthesis-Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose-Organize
         6.  Evaluate- the economic, legal, ethical and social issues surrounding the use of information

 Student Assessment- learning outcomes are assessed with two tools, in-class survey and an on-line information literacy module.

 Program Assessment- level of program learning outcomes will be conducted at the end of each semester with academic department involvement of pre and post assessment online test based on Information Literacy Standards.

 Instructional Method: Demonstration; On-line Site, Big 6 Research Process and Library Handbook.

 Course Rationale: This seminar is developed to strengthen retention, persistence and completion of students in their educational endeavors and support OLC Institutional goal